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We sell all types of Vinyl Records. Below is a list of our top sellers. If you're looking for something special Just email us on the details below with a title and artist name. We can also help you get you set up right and then get you started on your collection. We have Rock, Jazz, Blues, Punk, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock, Classical, you name it we can get it. We also access online records from our sister communities across the globe. Given that most of our records are warehoused in Australia. We will send it to you within 3 business days. we have vinyl players. Our extensive vinyl catalogue now contains over 5,000 vinyl titles. All titles are either in stock in our Melbourne warehouse or in stock with our UK, European and American distributors. Our system picks the cheapest in stock price from all possible distributors so you get the best price. We are a community and not just a Vinyl Store.